Vodacom puts $1 Billion in Tanzania’s 2G & 3G network infrastructure

Dar es Salaam.

Yesterday 18th November 2015, Vodacom announced that it has invested over $1 billion in Tanzania in building its 2G and 3G infrastructure coverage over the past few years.

Announcing the firm’s vision to lead into the digital age and change lives using technology, managing director, Mr Ian Ferrao said the investments have helped the company to maintain its tempo as Tanzania’s leading mobile telecommunication operator in terms of subscribers.voda tz 2.png

Tanzania had a total of 34,251,801 subscriber identification module (Sim) cards as of June 2015, according to Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) figures.

Vodacom had a total of 11,996,217 sim cards, and remained the market leader with a 45 per cent market share on its side.

He said the company invests at least TSh200 billion in the country each year, noting that the trend will continue as the company rolls out its new coverage and new technologies, including the fourth generation (4G) fiber networks.

“To date, Vodacom has invested over $1bn into the Tanzanian market, building the widest 2G and 3G coverage, with 87 per cent of the population now covered. Supported by our distribution partners and 85,000 M-Pesa agents, Vodacom has already connected more than 12 million subscribers and is currently the highest taxpayer in the industry,” he said.