Uganda’s Parliament accuses Kenya Airways Of Overcharging Ugandans

Kampala – Uganda Parliament has accused Kenya Airways for over-charging Ugandans especially for the trip from Entebbe airport to Nairobi.

Jinja West member of parliament Moses Balyeku has called upon government to intervene as the airline exploits Ugandans by charging high travel costs despite Kenya being a member of the East African Community.

He has said this while presenting a matter of national concern at the floor of parliament on Wednesday morning.

Balyeku said, ”The travel charges by the airline seem to be exorbitant compared to the distance from Uganda to Kenya.”

Commenting on the same issue, Lwemiyaga member of Parliament Theodore Sekikubo said that it’s unfortunate that Uganda as a country that had its own airline is struggling because of selfish interests of some leaders.

In her response, the Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga ordered the ministry of transport and works to work on the issue immediately, and also called upon Ugandans to always support their facilities once they are put in place saying that the Ugandan airlines did not receive maximum support from Ugandans.

Kenya Airways charges 790,000 Uganda shillings (about Ksh 23,00) for the trip from Entebbe to Nairobi which most Ugandans believe is very high.

Uganda used to be with its own airline but was closed down due to mismanagement in early 1990’s.

Source; Kenyan Wallstreet, News24

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