Ugandan Govt Finalising on Law to Regulate Rental Fees

According to The Monitor, Ugandan Government is finalising the process to enact a law that will restrain landlords against charging high rental fees especially for traders.

According to the country’s minister for Kampala Affairs Beti Olive Kamya, the new law should put to rest the haggling between traders and landlords who are currently locked in protracted battles over rent increment by the latter.

Ms Kamya said the bill was before Cabinet and that it will be sent to Parliament for further input.

“We have already finalised the process to having a law enacted that will shield you from landlords who hike rental charges every time,” Ms Kamya told the traders at Park Enkadde Mall.

Current law

Uganda’s Rent Restriction Act was enacted in 1949 to consolidate the law relating to the control of rents of dwelling houses and business premises.

According to Section 2(1) of the Act, no owner or lessee of a dwelling house or premises shall let or sublet that dwelling house or premises at a rent which exceeds the standard rent.