Ugandan Court orders Uchumi to pay supplier

A Ugandan Court has ordered Uchumi Supermarkets to pay more than UG Shs 1.2 Billion(Ksh 37MN) for recovery of unpaid supplies made to it between 2012 and 2015.
Uganda’s Registrar of the Commercial Court, ordered Uchumi Supermarkets to pay Zebu Emporium Limited Shs 904,195,156(About Ksh 27.8 MN) for supply of different commodities imported from China.

“The defendant (Uchumi Supermarket Ltd) doth pay the plaintiff lost income in foreign exchange fluctuations. The defendant doth pay the plaintiff interest at 23 per cent from date of fell due till payment in full,” said Mr Opesen the registrer before condemning the company to legal costs incurred by the complainant.

Uchumi Supermarkets was charged for

-Payment of lost incomes

-loss of foreign exchange

-general damages for breach of contract

-costs incurred.

In another diffferent scenario, Uchumi is also supposed to pay another Ugandan company, Trinity Textiles Uganda Limited,About Ksh 9.9 Million being money received by the supermarket on its (Trinity) behalf during a business relationship when the complaining company supplied various outlets of Uchumi Supermarkets assorted electronic items for sale.

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