Uber limits working hours for drivers in Britain

Taxi hailing platform Uber says it aims to prevent workers from being tired while at the wheel and capped shifts in the United Kingdom at ten hours. Still, drivers will be able to log back on to the mobile application after a six-hour break, according to an update on its website.

The company said the move, which is set to be implemented next week, is the first in the industry in Britain, and announced there will be more changes.

“Licensed drivers who use our app really value the freedom and flexibility to choose if, when and where they work. That’s why we’ve been sending drivers regular reminders to take rest breaks and why we’re now bringing in these new limits.” said Andrew Byrne, the giant startup’s policy chief. However, the rules will allow drivers to work as much as 30 hours in two consecutive days.

In Europe especially UK, the ride-hailing titan has faced criticism over risks from exhaustion, low fees and the status of its contractors, with several regulatory disputes around the world.