Uber launches higher-end UberSELECT service in Nairobi

If cruising around town in luxury wheels is your thing, your day has finally come.

UberSELECT, a higher-end version of uberX that features luxurious car brands, is now live in Nairobi City. Basically, the new service allows users to opt for a newer car and higher-rated driver in exchange for a slightly steeper fare.

In a statement, Uber said, “UberSELECT provides you with an option for a safe, comfortable and reliable ride – for all your special occasions. UberSELECT cars will be driven by experienced and highly-rated driver-partners to ensure that you always get an unforgettable trip experience. This is why this new offering will exist alongside uberX, which remains available for everyday trips and errands.”


UberSELECT’s base fare will be Ksh 100 which is 20% higher than Uber-X. Ksh 43 per kilometer, Ksh 4 per minute and a minimum fare of Ksh 300. The cancellation fee is unchanged at Ksh 200.

Uber has proven hugely popular with customers, who have long complained of poor service from white taxis, including tampering with or refusing to use the meter, refusing to drive to certain destinations, erratic driving and sexual harassment.