Uber to expand into all forms of transport

Uber’s chief executive officer Dara Khosrowshahi has aid that he wants to see the company expand into all forms of transportation, and become a marketplace for other types of transportation providers. Long term, Khosrowshahi sees Uber as a company that offers anyone to get “from point A to point B, whatever the best way.” Besides expansion to bike-sharing that is being tested in San Francisco, Uber could merge public transport with its services, the CEO indicated.

Khosrowshahi made a parallel with Amazon’s expansion from selling books online to working with different kinds of third-party merchants. “Cars are to us what books are to Amazon,” he said at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco.

Speaking on the startup’s reported loss of $4.5 billion last year, Khosrowshahi said he believes the company could easily be made profitable, but only through sacrificing growth and innovation. He also affirmed Uber’s commitment to investing in developing markets, especially Asia, where Uber is facing tough competition from India’s Ola transport company.