SP; Why You Should Try CBA Loop Mobile App



In Kenya, mobile banking is rapidly becoming the most preferred way on how we interact with our banks and finances. Most banks have reported that branch transactions have began dwindling while mobile transactions are growing at a rapid rate. The lenders are under pressure than ever to provide digital services or face a wave of Fintech startups that are already disrupting traditional banking business.

With more people increasing using digital services to manage their money than ever before, getting the right banking app has never been more important given that smart-phones have become cheaper and almost every bank has developed an app.

However, the quality of most of these applications is worrying given the low quality in terms of user experience, reliability and even functionalities. Most of these apps are designed with the mind of a traditional bank system; making payments and transfers, location of branches and checking balances/monitoring recent transactions.

Something interesting has happened in the last few weeks, CBA Group launched a revolutionary banking app dubbed “CBA Loop”.  The app is so well designed with a flawless layout that it would instantly make anyone switch from any other bank if you weren’t already a member.

It does most of the things the other banking apps do i.e checks balances, payments —but the most interesting thing is that this app is so feature rich it even allows you to set up alerts that are pushed to your phone when your balance falls below or goes over a certain amount, view your plans, alerts to notify you when bills are due and instantly pay the bills, make investments, buy goods and services, apply for a loan, your cash flow statement, online transactions and even your net worth.

If you’re not among them, you should consider downloading the app. Why? It’s an incredibly convenient and secure way to bank.

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CBA Loop