Store Review; Tuskys Chap Chap Kitengela (Photos)

Tuskys Chap Chap Kitengela outlet opened on 1st August 2017, with the cake and ribbon cutting ceremony led by the Tuskys CEO Daniel Githua.

Opened to the public on the same day, the outlet had already attracted customers of different kinds – travellers on the Namanga- Nairobi Highway, locals, and motorbike riders who shopped in order to get points to fuel at the adjacent shell oil station.

The outlet is relatively small in size compared to other Tuskys outlets. It spans two floors of a medium sized commercial building because it is essentially a convenience store.

One of the main purposes behind the convenience store is to serve customers who do not necessarily have to go all the way to Kitengela town or into malls to buy supplies that they could easily get without the hassle of going to town thus saving both time, parking lot fee and fuel expense. It is strategically placed next to the Shell petrol station in order to cater for travelers on the Namanga-Nairobi highway, for the locals and the people who come to refuel at the station.

The outlet is a partnership between Vivo Energy, that owns 40% of Shell market share and Tuskys supermarket. All the stake holders were present to celebrate the opening of the outlet that was conceptualized one year ago.

Letting in the people who were present to celebrate, The Vivo energy representative said that when they came to the site a year ago, it was plain land, and the conceptualisation and coming to fruition of the project was the hard work of all the partners. She commended and encouraged more similar endeavours between the partners.

During his address, Mr. Daniel Githua, CEO of Tuskys, said they had recruited youth from the region to serve in the new store. This is in line with the motivations of the late founder Mr. Joram whose primary motivation when he expanded his business to create the retail mega-giant was in order to provide employment to the youth.

Mr. Daniel encouraged the staff members to be attentive to the customers. In particular, he addressed those in the bakery and deli sections of the outlet. They are to cater to the prime customers –  travellers of the Namanga-Nairobi highway who pop in for a snack or two, for the locals who can also get fresh vegetables on the first floor and the vehicle and motorbike owners who come to refuel at the station. The staff would, therefore, have to be fast paced, and friendly to the customers in order to cater to their needs promptly.

Being a convenience store, the outlet stocks a range of everyday items such as groceries, snack foods, confectionery, soft drinks, among others.

There are a deli and a bakery. The deli has freshly cooked food such as pilau, rice, chicken, fish, cooked meat. The bakery has fresh bread and cakes, all straight from the oven. To increase customer confidence, the foods are cooked just behind the deli and bakery counter. The rest of the ground floor has snacks, soft drinks, energy drinks and simple electrical products like batteries.

The first floor has vegetables, a butchery and other toiletries and the flour section. The vegetables such as broccoli, egg plants, carrots, onions, tomatoes, arrow roots etc are fresh and are placed right next to the butchery.The butchery has varieties of meat – tilapia, beef, goat meat, chicken, minced meat. The butchers are right there, ready to serve.

At a time when the country is facing flour problems, the convenience store is well stocked, and there are no restrictions on how much flour one can take. The rest of the floor is filled with toiletries, and stationery and basic homeware appliances.

Being right next to Shell station, the outlet has ample parking space and is convenient for matatus, motorbikes, private vehicles and even heavy duty vehicles to park or refuel and get into the convenience store and shop what they need all at one go.


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