SPONSORED; What presents to give a rich girl if your income is lower than hers


Dark and horrifying times of inequality passed long times ago, fortunately. But ancient prejudices still exist. One of them refers to presents for rich people. Really, what should we give to a person who can afford everything especially when she is your girlfriend?

Even in the XXI century, the issue of rich girl presents bothers millions of men. Why does it happen? Because they usually forget that giving a present is not about demonstrating your income. It’s about paying attention and caring about a woman you love. Here are few ideas that every woman will like regardless of her finance.


Flowers are the symbol of tenderness, love, and femininity. This present is all times classic appropriate for any occasion. If you wish to impress your woman, order a bouquet of big exotic flowers. Anyway, a few dozens of red or white roses touch women’s heart even more effectively than rare tropical plants. If you are worried that flowers don’t last long, there is a special gift. Long lasting roses need no watering, they keep freshness during a year, and are sold in cute boxes.

A set of lipsticks or lip-glosses

A real woman can’t imagine her life without good cosmetics. We warn you that anti-aging solutions are really terrible ideas for a present. On the other hand, makeup cosmetic is very nice! But how to match your girlfriends’ taste? Buy a whole set of lipsticks or glosses. A wide range of colors in one single box with a ribbon on top can make an adorable, memorable, and useful gift. Beautiful single Russian brides love all types of makeup kits, so don’t hesitate to by them one!

Lingerie or sexy pajama set

Every girl dreams of looking fantastic and irresistible when she is alone with her man. So make her dream come true! Lingerie is one of the most popular rich girl presents that men give. Yes, it’s risky. Yes, it may be confusing to choose bra and panties in a store. If you are confident about your woman’s parameters, don’t hesitate. Another nice option is a pajama – a set of sexy shorts and top or a negligee. It is easier to choose the right size in comparison with a bra. Of course, expensive materials and laces are in privilege.


Men think girls don’t feel excited about digital devices. It’s not true. Maybe, they are not interested in technical characteristics. But they definitely feel the difference when they don’t have some useful device and when they get it. Let’s face the fact: everybody loves music. Which earbuds does your girlfriend have? Do they suit her everyday style? Maybe, a pair of pink, red, or golden ones will perfectly complement her look? Moreover, this device is one of the best ideas on tops of easy presents for rich friends.

Bath Salts Set

The best gifts for girls are those that will let her enjoy life. Beauty and wellness products are perfect for rich girls. They are ambitious, they work hard, they evaluate time they can spend alone and relax. Is there anything better for a hard day’s night to lay in a hot bath? Sure, if you give her a set of aromatic, healing, and relaxing bath salt. There are hundreds of fragrances, but we recommend to choose natural ones with essential oils. Some options for you: eucalyptus, citruses, vanilla, and mint.

Set of spices

Undoubtedly, kitchenware is definitely a taboo in case you’re looking a gift for a girl. However, your woman may be keen on culinary and healthy eating. So, what to do? A luxurious set of dozens of bottles with the best spices of the world will help both of you discovering the widest range of flavors. A foodie girl will evaluate this gift. Also, offer her to cook something together with this set and enjoy a romantic dinner you will never forget.