Nakumatt Workers Threaten Strike Action Over Proposal to pay Salaries in installments

The Kenya Union of Commercial Food and Allied Workers (KUCFAW) says a strike is looming at Nakumatt Supermarkets after the retailer’s workers rejected a proposal to be paid monthly salaries in installments.

KUCFAW represents more than 4000 Nakumatt workers. The union’s Secretary General Boniface Kavuvi says his members were not consulted by the retailer’s management when implementing the new pay structure.

The union also contends that Nakumatt has issued a notice to scrap overtime pay, a move that has angered the already demoralized workers. Mr Boniface warns that things could get worse if a deal is not reached immediately by the management.

In a letter to Nakumatt management and copied to relevant government authorities, Kavuvi noted;

“Your letter dated 27th June, 2017 on hours of duty intends to unilaterally review working hours without subjecting the same to a review process involving workers. This is not acceptable and will be seen as an attempt to violate agreed terms of service.”

“Your letter under reference is, therefore, null and void. Kindly be guided that the issue of salary payment is a matter which is lawfully guided and protected and not an issue where you can make proposals or act as you wish.” he wrote.


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