Moses Wetangula sues BBC for ‘Defamation’

BAT Scandal

BUNGOMA Senator Moses Wetangula has sued BBC at the kenyan High Court for defamation in linking him to alleged bribery by British American Tobacco.He wants the case declared urgent and heard during the current court vacation.

Mr Wetangula also wants the High Court to issue an order to stop further publication of the ‘BAT Scandal’ story saying BBC has failed to apologize.

Few weeks ago,International Media House,BBC had published a story accusing Wetangula of recieving bribes from cigarette manufacturing Company British American Tobacco (BAT).The senator on Monday denied claims that he had been bribed to block Tobacco related laws and reports that in 2012 he was one of the MPs who allegedly received ‘favors’ from BAT among them purchase of a business class ticket to London.

Mr Wetangula now claims BBC’s Panorama programme has allegedly destroyed his 18 years reputation as an MP, a cabinet minister for foreign affairs and also trade.

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The senator says he wants compensation for the damaged reputation loss suffered, considerable distress and embarrassment.

Mr Wetangulah through his lawyer James Orengo claims that he has not been able to perform his duties and functions due to a ‘defamatory’ story which is causing him stress, anxiety and embarrassment terming the report as false as well malicious.

Source; Court Fillings

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