Michael Joseph Quits Vodafone to Concentrate on Kenya Airways

Vodafone Group Services Limited Director of Mobile Money Michael Joseph has announced that he has resigned from the company in order to concentrate on his current role as Chairman of Kenya Airways.

“I stepped down from a full-time role at Vodafone in December but I do some work for them. The plan is to fully step down from Vodafone and its companies towards the end of this year. I reduced my responsibilities at Vodafone so that I could dedicate more of my time with KQ. Also, I have been working for a long time and I think it’s time to slow down a bit.” He was quoted by the Business Daily.

Previously, Michael was the CEO of Safaricom Limited from July 2000 when the company was re-launched as a joint-venture between Vodafone UK and Telkom Kenya until his retirement in November 2010. During his tenure, he steered the company from a subscriber base of less than 20,000 to over 16.71 million subscribers. Mr Michael is also credited as the one who spearheaded the launch of the world’s leading mobile mobile money platform M-Pesa.

He has extensive international experience in company start-ups, the implementation and operation of large wireless and wire-line networks, including operations in Hungary, Spain, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Korea, the USA, Australia and the Middle East.

Just last week, he was appointed to the board of Pan-African fintech company MFS Africa, as an independent Non-Executive Director.

Last year, Michael Joseph was appointed Chairman of Kenya Airways.