What Do Manufacturers Look for in SYSPRO’s ERP Solution?

There are numerous Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) providers in the world of enterprise technology. Choosing the right ERP solution can be crucial to your business, in terms of maximizing efficiency and enabling agility. ERP software provides seamless communication and real-time data for businesses, and is an extremely helpful tool that centralizes all islands of information and streamlines it to multiple departments in an enterprise.

SYSPRO, a software development company providing ERP solutions recently opened its Kenyan office to serve as its hub for East, Central and West Africa. The Nairobi office targets manufacturing and distribution firms: packaging, plastic and rubber, fabricated metal, food and beverage, electronics, automotive parts and accessories and industrial machinery and equipment.

During the launch, we interacted with a number of senior executives whose companies have implemented SYSPRO’s solution.

One of them was David Percival, the Managing Director of Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers. He provided some insights in regards to their experience while using the solution, the costing and even the benefits.

Mr Percival notes that ERP is a serious investment for any organization, but it is absolutely vital to success in manufacturing. The ERP soulution should be regarded as a top priority for any manufacturing & distribution company, with appropriate resources dedicated to it.

“SYSPRO’s ERP solution has been working well for us since we first adopted it in 2003. For example, the current solution from SYSPRO comes with a set of programs and applications that work together seamlessly. My employees are able to easily mine any data they need to make decisions and its simpler to use. Basically, the system serves as our system of record.” He noted.

Mr Percival says that they have been able to save both time and money and the solution has become an integral part of their business. Further, upgrades can be done more often without disruption of the production system. In this way, they are always one step ahead of their competitors.

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