Kenya’s Re-Opened Sh 40B T-Bonds 97% Subscribed, Only Sh 20B Accepted

The Kenyan Government’s recently reopened sale of ten and fifteen -year fixed coupon treasury  bonds worth Sh 40 Billion has been 97 percent subscribed, missing its target slightly by Sh 1.15 Billion.

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK), who is the banker to the government said the total number of bids received was 97 amounting to Sh 14.49 Billion and 485 amounting to Sh 24.37 Billion for the 10 year and 15 year bond respectively.

However, only Sh 19.996 Billion was accepted out of the Sh 38.85 Billion and the weighted average rate for successful bids was 12.472% for the 10 year and 13.141% for the 15 year bond.

The other auction Statistics have been summarised below;