Kenyan Wall Street Launches First Phase of its Data Analytics Portal

The Kenyan Wall Street (TKWS) in association with Nutcracker Technologies Kenya Ltd is pleased to announce to our readers the launch of an Analytics portal focused towards the Kenyan Investment Market.

In this Phase 1 launch The Analytics portal provides access to live NSE (Nairobi Securities Exchange) Equity Market data feeds and deeper analysis on the same.

The portal plans to expand into the Bond market in a later phase, as well as the Futures and Derivatives market when it launches, ETF’s and many other functionalities & information on the financial markets.

The portal is user friendly and can be accessible via desktop, tablet and mobile.

Please feel free and let us know what you think about the Analytics portal. Our email address is your feedback will be invaluable as we continue improving the portal.

Our technology providers Nutcracker Technologies Kenya Ltd are a wholly owned subsidiary of South African Parent company Nutcracker Technologies Pty Ltd. Nutcracker are specialists in developing technology for anyone who requires real-time access to financial markets and supporting information and functionality. Nutcracker Technologies is a licensed Software and Data vendor of both The Johannesburg Stock Exchange and Nairobi Securities Exchange. They have worked with one of the largest online stock brokers in South Africa amongst other Investment Banks, Asset Managers and Private Wealth Managers.

Best Wishes

The Kenyan Wall Street Team