Kenyan National Maria Mulindi Appointed AFDB Chief of Staff

The African Development Bank (AFDB) has announced the appointment of Maria Mulindi as the Chief of Staff to the President and Director of Cabinet with effect from April 1, 2017. She joins the Senior Management Team of the Bank.

Maria Mulindi, a Kenyan national, has extensive experience as an Executive Advisor and over 20 years of managing development projects, leading dialogue and engagement with African Civil Society Organizations.

Until her new appointment, Mulindi worked as the Senior Advisor to the President of the African Development Bank on Engagement with Civil Society and Community based organizations. In this role, she was responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Bank’s Framework for enhanced engagement with the civil society. She also supported several strategic initiatives within the President’s Cabinet.

She holds a Masters Degree in Gender and Development from the University of Nairobi, Kenya and a Masters Degree in Business Administration (Strategic Management) from Brunel University, U.K.


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