Kenya; International Trade Statistics, December 2017

According to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), the amount of coffee exported in December 2017 declined from 3,195.62MT in November 2017 to 1,955.49MT. Additionally, the value of exported coffee reduces from Sh1,565.89 million to Sh774.53 million in the aforementioned period.

The amount of tea exports rose from 39,127.97MT in November 201 to 44,412.57MT in December 2017. The value of tea exports grew to Sh13,634.34 million from Sh12,712.92 million in the same period.

Domestic exports by Broad Economic Category (BEC) show that food and beverages recorded 48.40 percent of exports making them the key export category. Non-food industrial supplies made up 24.21 percent of the total value of domestic exports while consumer goods accounted for 24.65 percent.

Imports by BEC show that in December 2017, non-food industrial supplies were the key import category, accounting for 32.21 percent of the sum value of total imports. Additionally, machinery and other equipment recorded 16.40 percent, fuel and lubricants 18.44 percent, and transport equipment 9.64 percent.

In December 2017, food and beverage imports comprised of 14.87 of the total imports while consumer goods comprised of 8.42 percent.

The volume of international trade increased from Sh189.03 billion in November 2017 to Sh191.12 billion in December 2017. On the other hand, the value of total exports declined to Sh49.31 billion in December 2017 while the value of total imports increased from Sh138.15 billion in November 2017 to Sh141.81 billion in December 2017.

The Key Destinations of Domestic Exports

The key destinations of Kenya’s domestic exports are Uganda, Tanzania, UK, Pakistan, Netherlands, Egypt, Germany, Rwanda, USA, UAE, and France.

In December 2017, Pakistan recorded the highest number of domestic exports at 5,896.65. The country that got the least amount of domestic exports was France at 581.09.

The Key Origins of Imports

The key origins of imports are China, Netherlands, UAE, UK, South Africa, Japan, India, USA, Germany, and France. In December 2017, Kenya imported the most from China while the least number of imports came from the Netherlands.