Finally! Trump Govt Grants Kenya Airways Licence for direct flights to US

Kenya Airways has received a final order from the United States of America Department of Transportation.

The order is part of the process to commence flights to the US which is still ongoing. The recent approval grants the airline permission to fly both passengers and cargo and is part the many approval stages that are expected to be concluded soon.

In a statement on its website, the United States Department of Transportation noted, “We make final our findings and conclusions as stated in the Order and award to Kenya Airways PLC the foreign air carrier permit….Unless disapproved by the President of the United States, this order shall become effective on the 61st day after its submission.”

“This approval by the DOT has been achieved thanks to the hard work of great individuals within all the departments of KQ. I am confident that our team will complete the next milestones with the same success and allow us to operate non-stop flights to the US in 2018”, said Kenya Airways Commercial Director Vincent Coste.

Kenya Airways is working with both the Kenyan Ministry of Transport and the US Department authorities to ensure all requirements are met.