January-March Diaspora Remittance inflows hit a record Ksh 42 Billion

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Central Bank Kenya has said the total diaspora remittance inflows to the country in the three months between January to March 2016 hit a record Ksh 41.6 Billion (USD 415.58Million). January remittance inflows was Ksh 13.8 Billion (USD 137.5Million), February remittances at Ksh 13.7 Billion (USD 136.98 Million) with the March inflows increasing by 11.8% to an all time monthly high of Ksh 14.1 Billion (USD 141.1 Million).

The 12 month average flow to March 2016 increased to Ksh 13.3 Billion (USD 133.3 million) from Ksh 12.1 Billion (USD 121.0 million) posted in March 2015. Total diaspora inflows in the 12 month period to March 2016 grew by 10.2% to Ksh 160 Billion (USD 1,599 million) from Ksh 145 Billion (USD 1,452 million) in the year to March 2015.

YTD Diaspora Remittance to Kenya
YTD Diaspora Remittance to Kenya

Remittance inflows from North America increased by 11.% and accounted for 48.8% of total inflows in March 2016. Inflows from Europe also increased by 4.8% while that from the rest of the world decreased by 14.2%.Remittance from other parts of the world


January Diaspora Remittances up by 19.9% to a record 13.8 Billion

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