Isuzu Motors Officially Launches its East Africa Operations in Kenya

Japanese automaker Isuzu Motors Limited has officially launched its East African operations in Kenya following the buyout of a 57.7% stake in General Motors East Africa (GMEA) in 2017.

Mr Susumu Hosoi, Chairman of Isuzu Motors noted that Kenya was an important market with great potential in Africa. He says they are keen to strengthen after sales business in the country by deepening linkages with Isuzu Motors International, based in Dubai whose service network covers Africa and Middle East.

Since its establishment in 1975, Isuzu East Africa (formerly General Motors EA) has been engaged in the assembly and sales trucks and buses, and import and sales of pickup trucks and Chevrolet passenger cars. Over the last six years, the company has maintained the top share in Kenya’s commercial vehicle market with a market share of 51% in 2017.

Isuzu EA officially changed its name from GM East Africa in July 2017 after attaining the required regulatory approvals. The change of name was initiated when Isuzu Motors Limited acquired GM’s 57.7% shareholding in GMEA, changing its majority ownership. The move, by Isuzu Motors, was aimed at increasing focus on the Isuzu brand that constituted 95% of GMEA sales.


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