Homes and Businesses can save energy costs significantly while using Solar Power

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As electricity costs continue to rise, solar energy from sunlight is regarded as the cleanest and most abundant source of renewable energy and remains consistently free. Families and businesses across Kenya and beyond are always looking for savings options and solar has always been the best alternative.

Perhaps the most important thing is to have a good understanding of how solar power works and this will help you better figure out your energy bill.

It is very possible to install enough solar panels on your roofings enabling your home/business to be completely powered by solar energy enabling you to pay utility companies absolutely nothing! All this comes with its own costs and will most definitely save you money, but the question is, how much? This depends on several factors such as your location, your roof, your electricity bill, size of the system and several other factors.

Tafsiri Energy, is a Nairobi based solar installation company which has experienced solid growth in the solar market,installing to several residential and commercial projects across Kenya and beyond. The company was founded by Ken Macharia and it began operations in early 2011 with the primary objective of offering quality installation, workmanship and other solutions in solar power.

Over the years, its books have not only grown to hit an annual turnover of more than Ksh 10Million but the company has also been able to provide a platform of qualified plumbers and electricians to companies looking for excellent and professional services. The firm has also been able to provide solar installation services to schools, hotels and lodges and apartments and town houses. Its major clients include; Neptune hotels Loldaiga in Laikipia, Masai Mara National Reserve among many others. It has entered into partnership deals with the likes of established brands like Centre for Alternative Technologies, Tile & Carpet Centre and Davies & Shirtliff with the primary objective of providing quality service in regards to solar power.6.jpeg

However, Mr Macharia says that most people have been reluctant in adopting solar as an alternative because they think the process of installation costs alot of money. He disagrees and says that the price of solar kits has reduced significantly in recent years because more companies have been manufacturing solar equipments to meet the ever rising demand hence reducing the cost.

“Apart from pricing, installers in Kenya have gained more experience and they have become more efficient at installation and maintenance. Sometime back, this used to take several days  but now it can be done within a short time” says Mr Macharia.

Before installation, the company sends an installer to assess your home/business in order to choose the most appropriate setup that meets your needs. The cost of solar installations is pegged at a minimum Ksh 15,000 but the cost of purchase varies with the size of hot water one needs for his house or business.

Mr Macharia sees this as a long term investment arguing that it pays for itself many times over a lifetime of installation with companies and homes being able to save on energy bills depending on the size of the system. The benefits are beyond electricity bill savings because solar energy provides a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

Heating Water using solar is Ideal for Hotels & Homes

Virtually most businesses use hot water more so in the hospitality industry where water heating is always the single largest end use for energy, accounting for over a third or more of a facility’s energy consumption.

“Solar power makes is very ideal for hotels given the amount of hot water needed,” says Mr Macharia arguing that they are able to cut water heating costs by a very significant amount if they implement these simple and inexpensive measures.


According to Macharia, maintenance costs for solar systems are very low. Once fitted, the company’s installers always advise clients on how to carry routine checks on a regular basis to ensure the system functions properly.

The company also does domestic and commercial power backup systems to avert the use of generators. In places where Kenya Power (KPLC) is not reachable such as remote areas, the mini grids are installed hence producing clean, free affordable and reliable solar energy. The company has recently began to provide solar driven borehole pumps with the use of technology that can convert existing three phase borehole pumps to solar driven.

There are many types of solar systems available and it would be prudent to do your research and choose one that suits your needs. You can consult Tafsiri on for comprehensive information to assist you before and after installation.3.jpeg