Foreign food companies set to enter Kenyan market

GEA, a German-based supplier of food processing technology, is finalising plans to enter the Kenyan market. The company will market its products to the agricultural sector which could benefit from smart food processing solutions. According to GEA’s service engineer John Muthee, some milk processing plants in Kenya have already started using GEA’s products.

Another food company, Faffa Food Share, will also be opening its doors to Kenyans. The Ethiopian company, which has been in business for more than 50 years, supplies affordable and highly nutritional baby and emergency foods. Faffa is in partnership with USAID, Fonterra, TechnoServe, and Partners in Food Solutions.

While Kenya faced economic difficulties in the past year, these foreign food companies are optimistic about establishing themselves in the country. The attracting factor is Kenya’s large market of more than 40 million people and by extension, the East African region. In addition, they are encouraged by the available transport systems that will enable the movement of products to every part of the country with ease.

As these foreign food companies finalise their entry preparations, Kenyans can look forward to increased job opportunities and a more competitive food sector.