Corruption & Food Security Among the Top Issues Concerning Kenyan Youths

Issues Affecting Kenyan Youth

Geopoll recently carried out a survey in Kenya targeted at youth aged between 15-35 years with the objective of identifying and measuring the issues that are most important to the young Kenyans.

According to the findings of the survey, four out of every 10 respondents identified corruption and food security as the most important issues affecting Kenya.  Healthcare and unemployment ranked as third and fourth. Other issues of concern included insecurity (16%), poverty (15%), high commodity prices (15%), and workers strikes (6%). These issues are not new to youth; when asked which issues affected them the most in the last two years, a majority of youth picked unemployment at 25% and corruption at 23%.

Looking forward, youth identified unemployment—by half of all respondents—to have the biggest impact on their future, followed by corruption.

Action & Solutions

In order to address issues affecting them, one-third (34%) of respondents noted that they post on social media. Others organize and/or attend events and sign petitions. When asked why they might act, more than half of the respondents stated that the engagement means need to be easier.

Others cited safety and motivation as key drivers; 59% identified safety while 45% indicated that a leader they believed in would help them act. Family is also a key motivator to taking action; 47% indicated that family motivates them to take action on the most important issues to them.

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