Global News

Oil exporters share fiscal troubles, not resilience

August 1, 2016 Roy
Outlook Most oil producers share fiscal troubles and large budget deficits, which they are trying to address. Saudi Arabia, the largest oil exporter, is considering diversifying its economy, together with broad-based taxation and capital spending […]
Global News

Facebook just had another outstanding quarter.

July 31, 2016 Roy
The social media giant’s Q2 earnings report beat expectations on both earnings and revenue, with earnings of 97 cents per share (analysts predicted 81 cents) and revenue of $6.44 billion (analysts predicted $6 billion). It […]
Global News

Netflix subscriber numbers whiff, stock collapses

July 19, 2016 Roy
Netflix (NFLX) reported disappointing Q2 numbers after the closing bell and shares plunged 15%, the company added only 160,000 domestic subscribers compared to the already reduced guidance of 500,000. Meanwhile, the company added 1.5m international […]
African News

Frontier Markets Update

July 17, 2016 Kenyan Wallstreet
In the chart above, African equities have been the worst hit since the year began followed closely by Middle East. On Africa almost all markets are down year-to-date apart from the Tanzanian All Share Index […]
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