Britam’s Asset Management Arm Unveils Exclusive Phone Based Money Market Fund

Ken Kaniu - CEO of Britam Asset Managers

Britam Asset Managers (K) Ltd has launched attractive unit trust products in a bid to grow its fund management business in the region. The unit trust products which come in various packages have seen the fund manager’s returns on invested capital go higher and is now the new destination for investors ranging from low earners to HNWI (High Net Worth Individuals) wishing to grow passive income from their capital, both on short term and long term basis.

With only Ksh.1,000 as the required initial capital, Britam’s Money Market Fund becomes the most affordable option for investors targeting high returns in the short term, with the fund’s returns currently chasing the 11% per annum mark and placing it at the top among the fund managers in the country. This is a much better return on capital in comparison with the commercial bank’s savings account returns of 7% per annum, and also beats the popular M-Akiba’s 10% return on capital. The Money Market Fund is invested in government treasury bills, commercial papers and bank deposits, all exhibiting maturities of less than 12 months.

This is an ideal investment for investors intending to ‘park’ their capital in a high-growth but short term avenue as it will ensure higher returns (interest is compounded daily), coupled with negligible risk, capital preservation and ease of withdrawal.

To register, top up and withdraw funds from the Money Market Fund, an investor will not need to go to Britam’s physical offices; all these processes can easily be done on phone via USSD code *778# and the whole process takes no more than a minute. This makes the product a good solution for investors in the upcountry regions who have always had to physically get these services from offices. Once registered, the investment account can easily be topped up via M-Pesa at the investor’s convenience.

Save for the management fee of only 2% per annum, there is no initial fee for registering for the Britam Money Market Fund; this reduces investor cost and consequently raises his/her returns.

The Bond Plus Fund invests primarily in fixed income instruments (treasury and corporate bonds) and is an ideal investment for a 2 – 3 year time horizon. It comes with very low risk, capital preservation and the investor is guaranteed of a stable income stream from his/her investment throughout the invested period.

The Balanced Fund has a longer investment time frame due to its diversified portfolio of equities, fixed income investments and alternatives with a 3 – 5 year invested period. This diversification gives investors an extremely reduced risk exposure to capital, ensures capital preservation no matter the headwinds in the market and also guarantees high capital growth due to the comparative returns as a result of long term investments.

The Equity Fund invests primarily in equities in varied markets; local, regional and offshore. Due to the high return nature of equities investments over the long term, this fund is suitable for investments whose time frame is at least 5 years.