Bitcoin Jumps To New Highs, Sells for $1,576.05 on BitStamp

Digital currency bitcoin continued its upward trend on Thursday as it hit new all-time highs against the dollar on the BitStamp and OKCoin exchanges. The most widespread cryptocurrency in the world has soared over 18% on the BitStamp over the past week, while it gained 12% on the OKCoin over the same period.

The bitcoin surged 4.78% against the greenback to sell for 1,575 at 4:49 pm CET, after hitting a record of $1,576.05 seconds earlier on the BitStamp exchange. On the OKCoin exchange, the cryptocurrency jumped 2.70% against the dollar to go for 1,454.50 at 4:51 pm CET. Earlier in the session it hit a record high of $1,464.75 on OKCoin.

The digital currency climbed 4.44% compared to the euro to sell for 1,438.60 on the Kraken exchange at 4:46 pm CET, while it rose 2.99% against the Chinese yuan to go for 8,599.99 at 4:54 pm CET.