Auction Results: 10 Yr Bond ticks up to 15.267%

In the latest Bond Issue: FXD 1/2016/10 DATED 29/08/2016. The 10 Year Bond received 795 bids amounting to Ksh 26.3 Billion for the Ksh 25 Billion on offer, however, the Central Bank of Kenya accepted 587 bids and accepted bonds worth Ksh 18.3 Billion.

The Bank received Ksh 5.1 Billion non-competitive bids and Ksh 13.2 Billion competitive bids.

The market weighted average stood at 15.267 percent compared to 14.666 percent in the previous auction held on March 2016.

The next treasury bond issue will be dated on 26th September 2016.

Download: FXD1-2016-10.pdf

Source: (Central Bank of Kenya, Kenyan Wall Street)