Aaron Fu appointed MD of Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Tech

Pan-African entrepreneurial training program, seed fund, and incubator Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) has appointed Aaron Fu as Managing Director for MEST, as the program doubles down on efforts to strengthen its presence across the continent.

Fu brings both significant experience in the African technology, investment and startup landscapes, as well as a vast network in Asia, having previously served as Managing Partner, Africa for NEST.vc.

Fu’s experience both within investment firms and startups and in traditional corporate roles, including Standard Chartered Bank and Societe Generale, throughout Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa, will help MEST to significantly build on its global network, creating a truly Pan-African program that is fully supported and embedded in tech hubs across Silicon Valley, Europe, and Asia.

Fu will help the firm expand in both depth and reach across Africa by drawing from his extensive experience in East Africa – where he built platforms with the support of innovative companies like Visa, MTN, World Bank and Barclays – to bring MEST entrepreneurs and the wider African startup ecosystem closer together. As part of this expansion, MEST is actively pursuing corporate and brand partnerships that will provide additional resources and support for its entrepreneurs as they grow and scale.

MEST provides a 12-month Entrepreneur-in-Training (EIT) program, which infuses African tech enthusiasts with a combination of hard IT and practical business skills, equipping them to build successful commercial tech companies. At the end of the program, teams have the opportunity to pitch for funding and a seat at the MEST Incubator.

Since its inception, the Meltwater Foundation has invested $20 million into the program, supporting aspiring African entrepreneurs through the training program and incubator.

Over 350 individual entrepreneurs have graduated from the training program and over 30 tech companies have been launched via seed funding and mentorship from MEST. A  number of MEST companies have gone on to raise outside capital and two — Claimsync and messaging app Saya — have been acquired.

While Accra, Ghana, will remain Headquarters for the training program, MEST is forging strong roots and establishing incubators in major cities across the continent. MEST currently has a footprint in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. This year the program also welcomed its first Francophone entrepreneurs from Côte d’Ivoire.

Source; www.meltwater.org

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